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Bishop Schuckardt: an alternative view by those who know him best.

I am sick and tired of the same old diatribe and slander that is being spread around about Bishop Francis (Schuckhardt). The vast majority these little "tidbits" of supposed scandal and immorality are from people who have left the Catholic Church to follow an easier path. They don’t want to hear the truth of Christ unless it conforms to their own self-directed way of salvation, and hence they have nothing but hatred for anyone who represents the raw and undisguised truth of Christ. Therefore they strive to silence their conscience by destroying the credibility and good name of this truly great man. They are encouraged by the cooperation and encouragement of other forces who have an interest in this matter as well.
Who is Bishop Francis? He was a leader in the Blue Army, a Catholic organization promoting the message of Fatima. He became very concerned about the changes in the Catholic Church in the 1960’s. He founded a penitential religious order dedicated to the Mother of God. A lay apostolate followed. He reluctantly accepted the Episcopacy in 1971 from an Old Roman Catholic Bishop who renounced his schism. Therefore Bishop Francis has valid orders. He preaches pure, universal Catholicism as it always has been taught.
It’s really pretty simple. The modernists took over the formal organization of the Catholic Church in the early 1960’s. Bishop Francis discovered that the liturgical and doctrinal changes of Vatican II (1962- 1965) had created a new "church" which was not Catholic. This new church taught a heretical new religion of ecumenism, brought about by the ministers of "modernism" – a practice condemned by every previous pope since the 1800’s.
Quite obviously the "new" Vatican II "Catholic Church" doesn’t want the dirty little secret of its doctrinal changes (which totally changed the faith – hence we know that those who lead this new church are not Catholic) to become known. It has a huge vested interest in making sure that Bishop Francis is either silenced or rendered ineffective.
So why all of the fuss? Do you think Bishop Francis will be loved and praised by the media? Do you think that the powerful forces of the now "mainstream" and "modernist" Church masquerading as Catholic will love him?
Do you think that maybe they will depict him as a "seducer" and a liar and one of the most terrible men on the face of the earth? Well, the contemporaries of Jesus Christ (who felt threatened by Him) said the same thing over 2000 years ago. Truth never changes, does it?
It’s a funny thing. Either Bishop Francis and all of the Catholic saints and popes for the last 1900 plus years are right – or- the Catholic Church was wrong all along until the 1960’s, when it was changed to conform to that wonderful time of light and truth, eh?
Which Church represents the unchanging truth of the apostles and of an Unchanging, Omnipotent God?
A loyal Catholic


Anonymous Cindy said...

Thank God for a page that will simply not drown us in negatives. I am anxiously waiting to hear the other side to this story.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Karl & Mary said...

We are writing regarding the controversy, slander, detraction, calumny and lies about Bishop + Francis Konrad Maria Schuckardt. We have known him for many years. (Mary has known him all her life and attended Maria Regina Academy in Colbert, Washington.) During these years, despite the ongoing controversies, negative media, slander, etc., we never personally saw or experienced anything that was contrary to traditional Catholicism, something he always taught and continues to teach. The Academy was a positive experience, not only academically but also emotionally and spiritually. It was a well-structured, disciplined, yet loving environment which was not only conducive to learning, but which also taught us the necessary life skills which are lacking in so many individuals today.
Since 1997 we have come to know him more personally. It is an understatement to say that he has made a difference in our lives as regards our Catholic Faith and our family.
Through listening to his talks, by studying the Catholic Faith, as well as by prayer (without which we can do or comprehend nothing), we have come to a true appreciation of what he has always taught, and taught without change or compromise. Everything he has taught can be verified and proved, not only by the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church; Her dogmas, Councils, Encyclicals, etc., but historically we also find precedent for these teachings in true Catholic societies.
We have made a conscious, well informed choice, because of his clear teachings, to live our Catholic Faith to its fullest. As regards those who have chosen not to live the Catholic Faith, and harbor anger, hatred, and ill-will towards him, we can say unequivocally that the ones we personally know of who act like this have issues with Catholicism in general, and choose to scapegoat him rather than face their own demons. He has given counsel based upon the teachings of the Catholic Faith, based upon right and wrong; not upon what is easy to hear. Sometimes there is counsel given not to associate with certain family members who have knowingly rejected the Faith, because their negative influence detracts us from trying to truly live as Traditional Catholics. Friendly association with them would indirectly condone their negative actions―their calumny, slander and self-deceit, which they choose to immerse themselves in. This is something we do not want to be a part of in any fashion whatsoever, because it is contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ.
For our family the saying, “the family that prays together, stays together” holds true. We have experienced by his teaching the meaning of true Catholic families. Today when families are so fragmented and torn apart, we have found real joy and peace in the simplicity and order of our lives, which has come only from the ideals he has held up. We have seen our children become happier, more confident, and more considerate through the years.
Karl & Mary

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Anonymous Mary Young said...

I am responding to all the propaganda being spread against Bishop Schuckardt. I have personally known him for 12 years. Much of what has been written and publicly said about him is false and slanderous.

I now write to all those citizens who can understand the detrimental effect the media can have on destroying one’s personal life. Thankfully, I believe there are a great deal of Americans who can see through their lies and deceits. For anyone in this country to be so openly calumniated because of his religious beliefs (and that is what it really is all about), it has to have an effect on all who desire to hold on to the freedom of religion this country was founded on. Attacks on anyone for his or her personal religious beliefs, can also affect you and your church. If citizens do not turn against these vicious enemies of religion, we may all lose freedom to worship.

Bishop Schuckardt has bore all this with a quiet equanimity, feeling the intense pain of betrayal, especially from those whom he has only offered help and assistance to in their time of need. I assure you, those who are attacking are in fact the real liars, who by propagating their false and malicious rumors, will stop at nothing to destroy the lives of others. Anyone who has been slandered can surely understand what I mean, but then again, was not Our Lord Jesus Christ slandered also? Something to reflect on!

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Anonymous A friend of Kathleen Raleig said...

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Anonymous Andrew John Joseph said...

I have been with the Bishop for a number of years now and
he is a very loving person. He loves all his parishioners and is
very concerned about there health and especially the children.
He has a special place in his heart for the children. And if some
one is ill he want's to know about it and if they need anything
he will make sure they get it, no one has ever gone hungary or
homeless. He has always made sure
that every one had a place to live and food to eat and a ride to
the store and doctors, he has taught us how to love our neighbor
and to help our neighbor. He has always put others first before
himself and the welfare of others before himself.

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Anonymous A loyal Catholic said...

A Loyal Catholic says (post 2):

How sadly and adeptly do so many prove my first post and premise to be true…. Like Our Lord, Bishop Francis is being accused of all possible evil things…

Let’s see… on this recently opened blog he has already been termed:

1. A seducer of the people
2. A pedophile
3. A liar
4. A murderer
5. An embezzler
6. A fraud
7. A wrecker of families
8. A moral pervert
9. A dictator
10. An egotistical fake
11. An evil “cult” leader
12. A purveyor of ill health and doctrine

And all this from alleged “Catholics” who supposedly are knowledgeable about crimes of slander and detraction, which is the spreading of evil report about someone even if it is thought to be true.

Come on folks, what else can we say? Can there possibly be a more evil man on the face of the earth? This is very, very reminiscent of the claims against Our Lord, by the Jews, also people of His spiritual family.

You know, the real irony here is that the very same thing that brought about these charges against Our Lord, is what is also bringing about these same charges against His Faithful Servants, of which there are very few these days….

It is most unfortunate (in a natural sense) for Bishop Francis Konrad Maria Schuckhardt as he does stand out and truly bears a tremendous burden for so doing.

Well, is he all of these things? Or is he a faithful follower of Christ? I do hope that we will all find out…

To start, each of us needs to examine our consciences, seriously. You see, at its core, this whole discussion is about faith, and the salvation of souls. Actually, this is what life is truly about. That’s it. There is really nothing left of any real importance. It is not about me, me, me, or even about me, me, me and my family! Families are great, but come on, they can abet or hinder our salvation as well! Right? So, lets re-focus on the core principle of our existence.

I think that we all agree that there is no debate about the Catholic Faith. There is no other authentic form of Christianity, absolute, unchanging, derived from the Christ Himself. We all know that the single most stupendous and awe inspiring event in all history is the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, and that no other faith is authentically derived from this event other than the Catholic Church.

Now, the core question is – where is the Catholic Church? Is it with Bishop Francis or is he an imposter? This is the real underlying issue of this discussion. To be continued…

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Anonymous A loyal Catholic said...

A loyal Catholic posted (post 3):
In my last post I asked “So, where is the Catholic Church? “Is it with Bishop Francis or is he an imposter?” Now, let’s proceed in investigating the answer to those questions. In so doing, I will bring forward some of the background and history of Bishop Francis. I also wish to examine each of the claims and accusations that have been made against him.

So……Is Bishop Francis an imposter, a “seducer of the people?” A seducer is one who lies to fool others. A seducer takes falsehood and portrays it to be the truth. Now lets see what Bishop Francis has done.

After his tenure with the Blue Army, where he became increasingly concerned and distraught even (as would any true Catholic) with the serious doctrinal and liturgical changes occurring in the “formal” church., Francis had witnessed things like priests in Europe throwing the rosary on the floor and proclaiming that “this was a devotion for times past” and that “it is now time to move on.” (via the glorious “revolution” of Protestantism which was Vatican Council II)

He became a simple lay brother, living a life of penance and devotion to the Mother of God, which he had always practiced since his earliest years. Others began to seek him out and soon a small religious type of community was formed followed by a lay apostolate. Brother Francis had received formal training for the priesthood but was told that his health was too much of an issue at that time. He came very near to death several times and was trying to finish his doctorate, when he made a decision that he felt was “imposed” upon him from the Mother of God. “Francis, rebuild my Church”. He gave up his doctoral pursuit, and consequently dedicated his life to serving the Mother of God. On the spring of 1967, in Europe, Brother Francis knelt before the statue of Mary, Immaculate Queen of the Universe and promised to name an apostolic community after her if she would help him found it by the feast of Our Lady of the Snows on August 5th. It was accomplished, and a small community was established under Our Lady’s title. This was the same year in which the world witnessed the destruction of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, via an edict from the heretical Paul VI and his cadre of modernist and Marxist accomplices.

At one point, Francis was offered the Episcopate by a schismatic Bishop of the “Old Roman Catholic” Church. As Catholics should know, the Old Roman Catholic Church broke away from the Catholic Church in the 19th Century, and though schismatic, has always retained valid orders. Francis refused as any true Catholic would, until this Old Roman Catholic Bishop had entirely renounced his schism and made a public abjuration of error (thereby reinstating himself as a Catholic valid Bishop). Francis had felt that Our Lady had saved him from death several times already, and that she was now calling upon him to offer yet another sacrifice – that of the Episcopacy. (You see, he must have known what utter hatred, contempt, and enmity would go along with such a position in today’s age – and most of it from members of his own “spiritual family” who would hurl traitorous insults at him for the rest of his life.)
To be continued…

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Anonymous A loyal Catholic said...

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Blogger Greg E. said...

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Anonymous A Loyal Catholic said...

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Anonymous A Loyal Catholic said...

A Loyal Catholic (Post 4):
So…what has Bishop Francis taught as a legitimately ordained Catholic Bishop? Pure, unadulterated Catholicism. Universal Catholicism, not “modernized” or “americanized” or in any way mitigated by worldly fashion or thought . He only requires what Catholic doctrine requires, but he does require it – as any true Shepherd would. This is what has brought down upon him such wrath and enmity. His teachings on modesty, self-denial, and putting the things of God first have particularly enraged many who seek a “softer, easier way, more adapted to our modern ways of thinking and behavior, more in line with those around us..”

Bishop Francis’ little apostolic community grew by leaps and bounds and Francis was concerned because in many of Our Lady’s messages (such as at Marienfried, Germany) she spoke of the remnant Catholic Church potentially consisting of a very small number, perhaps even a handful during the age of the “great apostasy” when the formal Catholic Church would fall into apostasy (which many recognize as Vatican Council II.) Nonetheless, because of the rapid growth in the religious and lay apostolate, a nearly abandoned Jesuit monastery was acquired (also a result of the reduction in religious vocations post Vatican II) and Bishop Francis established his center there. During this time, Bishop Francis was traveling across the globe teaching people about the great apostasy and the message of Fatima. For example, in New Zealand, he created such an uproar amongst the modernist clergy there that a special council was hastily assembled to consider how to deal with him. It was clear that something must be done to silence the lone voice of truth, and it wasn’t long in coming…

Shortly after this, the arrangements were laid in place to either eliminate or discredit Bishop Francis permanently. As usually happens in these affairs, as what happened to Jesus Himself, the traitors came from within….

As the community grew in numbers, it also grew in laxity. On Good Shepherd Sunday in 1984, Bishop Francis spoke to his congregation. He warned that the community would be destroyed unless its members would begin anew to amend their lives and show greater love and respect to Holy Mass and the sacraments. It has been later stated that he had received a premonition from Our Lady of a future falling away of the flock if amendment of life did not occur.

Then, suddenly, it happened. On a June Sunday in 1984, several of Bishop Francis’ priests made an announcement – the Bishop was sick and was being restrained and isolated by “evil”(actually those who remained loyal) brothers at his home is Spokane. This was done to avoid a direct attack on the Bishop which many in the congregation would not accept. These priests would of course, take over Church facilities until the matter could be resolved. In the meantime, they had connived to have a restraining order placed upon Bishop Francis and his loyal religious banning them from all “church property”. Bishop Francis, who was in ill health was legally obliged to “leave” his residence because of their legal cunning, and so he did. He foreknew and forewarned of just this type of occurrence but still, it was devastating to him, personally.

It wasn’t long before the façade of the “evil brothers” taking control of the Bishop began to fade away, and soon the direct attacks upon Bishop Francis began. He was specifically accused of immorality, drug abuse and embezzlement of Church funds. These ironically are the types of common charges made against many holy Catholic figures (Popes and Bishops) in the past. For example, Saint Thomas More was accused of embezzlement, Pope St. Leo III of immorality. At any rate the deed was done.

We will discuss many of the consequences of this next time.

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Anonymous A Loyal Catholic said...

A Loyal Catholic (Post 5):
Let us continue to consider the takeover at Mount St. Michael’s. At the time of the proclamation made against the brothers loyal to the Bishop (and essentially the Bishop as well), the priests allied against Bishop Francis warned the faithful not to attempt to go to the Bishop’s home since there were fanatical brothers there and very bizarre things going on and that a shooting had occurred. (The implication was that to visit would entail risking one’s life.) In spite of this, some Catholics did. The interesting thing was that those who did remained loyal to the Bishop. It was also interesting to note that those who went directly to the Bishop’s home “to find out just what was going on” were no longer welcome when they returned to Mt. St. Michael’s. Now…why was that? I expect that the evil-doers at the Mount really knew the truth and they knew that anyone who would dare to find the truth would also know. This meant that their lies would be exposed. So people who dared to find out the truth were also “ousted”.

It is also interesting to note that when Bishop Francis was “ousted” from Mount St. Michael’s that those who did the awful deed of standing against their Pastor (something common in Protestant circles, but never among Catholics who honor the succession of apostolic authority given by Christ Himself) proclaimed that “nothing will change” and that they were merely “reforming” the Church. Sound familiar? (Martin Luther, Vatican Council II all over again…) Within months, the “new reformed” Church was allowing standards to change, and what is most telling, in court documents several years later (where the “reformed” church leaders “sued” their Bishop) it was proclaimed to the court that the “new” Mount St. Michael’s was the kind of church where their young people would “hang around at the mall in their jeans after “mass”. How wonderful to be able to blend right in with the rest of the world – and to be proud of it as well. How different from the true Catholic teachings of Bishop Francis Konrad Maria Schuckhardt.

Everything that Bishop Francis teaches is in line with traditional Catholic Orthodoxy. He follows orthodox Catholic principles even when it “hurts”. Particularly in our modern age, when Catholic standards have long since been attacked, mocked, and abandoned, it is a very difficult thing to do. Nonetheless, this is what a true Shepherd must do. How much easier would it be to combine Catholicism with the world. But this would be a form of true seduction of faithful Catholics, would it not? It is much harder to do the right thing and stand out for doing so. This is what Bishop Francis Konrad Maria has done. These are not the actions of a seducer, but of one who is principled. There is a vast difference between the two. One is willing to compromise for personal gain, the other is willing to accept every sacrifice, every indignity rather than compromise. Now, under which category does Bishop Francis fall under?

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Anonymous A Loyal Catholic said...

A Loyal Catholic (Post 6):

Is Bishop Francis a pedophile? A moral pervert?

There is absolutely no solid evidence to prove such charges. This is another example of using the “shotgun approach” to defame a person. The most unfortunate incident (which apparently did occur) where 3 young minors did some inappropriate personal “touching” amongst themselves while staying at a boarding house under the Church’s care, was literally broadcast to the world as another example of the evils wrought by poor Bishop Francis, who had no knowledge of this activity and who soundly condemns it. This incident was brought to light by a former member who needed to justify (as they all do) her reason for leaving her Catholic faith and who threatened to “get even.” According to available court documents, this behavior was done in secret by those involved and was immediately terminated when discovered. This was certainly detestable behavior by Catholic boys and a serious personal sin, but to attempt to align this behavior with the Catholic teaching of Bishop Francis is but wishful thinking on the part of those who just hate him and who should know better.

Many stories have been circulated about poor Bishop. There is of course no proof for any of this. “It is so easy to accuse and so difficult to prove.” Even if such things were true, they could be personal sins which would in no way affect the authority of a Bishop. Educated Catholics know that even popes have led immoral lives while still retaining the authority to govern legitimately.

Personal immorality does not affect teaching authority. If it did, no one could ever be secure in their belief! It would be like saying that truth all depended upon the level of goodness or evil of a pastor (a Protestant concept) rather than in Christ’s promise of “he who hears you, hears me.” Truth and authority are vested in the Teaching Magisterium of the Church and in men both good and bad.

It is interesting to note that all who have accused Bishop Francis of these supposed sins have consequently abandoned their Catholic faith for an easier path. Or…more likely have first abandoned their Catholic faith, at least internally, and have then left physically with “justification” of course. “Hey, it’s not my fault, it’s his fault.” And for maximum impact, it is best to repeat a lie someone has already started, right?

Much has been said about the “mansion” where the Bishop lived. It has been reported that “eye-witnesses” have toured this house after he was “ousted” from Mount St. Michael’s and found “all manner of pornographic material strewn about.” This is a key component in the accusations of “immorality”. We’ll talk about that next…..

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Maria Van Fleet said...


On behalf of my family, I wish to express our great regard for His Excellency, the Most Reverend Bishop Francis Konrad Maria CMRI. I have known him since childhood, attended His academies and am a member of His community.* Although I strayed from the true path which He always held aloft; He extended the ever merciful hand of Christ to His lost sheep. The basis for our creation, which He imparted, was ever before me. For what end did God create us? God created us; that we might know Him, love Him, and serve Him upon earth, and be happy with Him forever in heaven.
Does one find the will of God and salvation within himself? If so, Jesus Christ had no need to establish the Catholic Church; saying; “He who hears you, hears Me”. There is but one God and one Truth, and as Almighty God is unchangeable so also, truth does not change. If there were many truths, then truth would have no meaning.
It is this reassurance and unchanging attribute of God that instills within me a deep gratitude for His Excellency. He has always maintained an unswerving dedication to truth. Never guided by the whims of man and changing views of the world. This foundation forms the basis for Catholic doctrine, passed down from Christ through His successors. He, as an uncompromising Shepherd knows one day that He will give an accounting of the souls entrusted to Him, not according to the judgment of man but of God, whose Representative He is.
Are His teachings popular? Does He have a big following? Is the Catholic Church determined by numbers? How many remained on Calvary with our Divine Savoir? Who can bear with the hard teachings of Christ? “If anyone will come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me”. Was not Christ crucified by the very ones He created? Our Bishop, who teaches Christ’s doctrine, can not expect to be treated differently than He; is the servant greater than the Master? Christ promises: “If you follow Me, men will persecute you…”
The Oblate Religious, Brothers and Sisters of His Congregation, all dedicated to the service of God, have provided the most exemplary example to my children and I; providing catechetical instruction, and an outstanding example of true Christian charity and virtue, which provides a refreshing outlook in a world steeped in materialism, careerism and the attainment of worldly honors.
He has brought into our lives greater meaning, and instilled through His teachings, children who are happy, confident, charitable, and who not only grow in age but also in character, self discipline, love of God and their neighbor. The noble characteristics which He upholds, fills the hearts of His flock, thus letting them attain whatever they aspire to. The knowledge of the Goodness, Mercy and Justice of God which He teaches and preserves through the Catholic Church, allows for a true freedom and liberty which outside of it one remains a slave to oneself and to the ever changing philosophy of man.
With my sincerest gratitude,
Maria Van Fleet

10:51 AM  
Anonymous A Loyal Catholic said...

A Loyal Catholic (Post 7):

Ah, yes, the famous “mansion” where the Bishop lived. A symbol of his extravagance and presumed embezzlement used by those who wanted him silenced. This was a large, older house in Spokane. You know, Bishops tend to have large houses. They need them. They have assistants and helpers and usually a small chapel as well. This is not a big deal. What is a big deal is what happened after the Bishop was chased out. The accusers had a kind of “open house” for the flock. Selected individuals were invited to a little tour….again, the house was trashed, and pornographic material strewn about.

Apparently, this was a seminal moment for some. It served to prove and reinforce what they had been told. This Bishop was evil! How could this man be a true Vicar of Christ on earth?

This is a very important point. Why? Because it shows the origin and the factuality of these accusations against Bishop Francis.

It is clear that Bishop Francis was being represented as a “moral pervert” by those who had decided to “take over” and “reform” the Church. The fact is that his house was used as evidence to prove that fact. Now – I ask you to consider this: Does it seem plausible that since the Bishop’s house was vacant and now in the hands of the “reformers”, that perhaps it could have been…well…..”salted” shall we say?

Does it really, really, seem plausible that the Bishop and those religious loyal to him would leave a bunch of pornographic material for others to see? Come on! Why would they do that?

On the other hand, does it seem plausible that those wishing to “take over” might, just maybe have a little bit to gain by displaying such material in the former home of the one accused of all manner of evil-doing?

Huh….just makes one wonder, doesn’t it…..especially since several pious women loyal to the Bishop who are still around as witnesses, by the way, have stated publicly that they went to the Bishop’s residence after he had left, and helped to move his belongings and CLEAN UP after he had left. These women had reputations as meticulous housekeepers as well. Well…….Huh……..kind of curious isn’t it??

A seminal moment indeed. So……maybe its not all true……maybe the Bishop is innocent……maybe some of us have been “set-up” by those who had orchestrated the “take-over” for their own ends…
To be continued….

9:17 AM  
Anonymous A Loyal Catholic said...

A Loyal Catholic (Post 8):

Let us continue with this issue of “immorality”.

As has been stated, it was common knowledge that following the “take-over” at Mount St. Michael’s, that the lay people were told to “stay away from the Priory (the Bishop’s residence) because there were crazy and evil people there and there have been reports of shootings…and the like.

It is also ironic that those who dared to make the dangerous trek to the Priory found not that they were being confronted with crazy, wild-eyed maniacs with guns at all, but with peaceful, loving religious brothers and sisters praying. Everything was normal there. The abnormalities occurred in the streets surrounding the Priory where those siding with the take-over were warning those about to enter to “stay away, for the sake of your life.”

All who entered the Priory during those harrowing days remained loyal to the Bishop, because they could see the truth, and also the lies of those outside.

Thus, many can see the true source and reason for Bishop Francis’ supposed “immorality.” It was a useful and needed tool used by others for their own ends. And one more reason to doubt that it has any credibility at all.

I have personally interviewed individuals who, living closely with the Bishop, deny observing any immoral activity, ever, and Bishop Francis has also publicly denied it as well.

Lastly, we must countenance the fact that American (i.e., “Puritan”) thinking on what is acceptable behavior from a man to a man, is somewhat different than that shared on other parts of the globe. In many other cultures it is perfectly acceptable and normal for men to hug or even kiss one another, for example. It could become very easy for one to observe “universal” behavior on the part of a universal Catholic Bishop and interpret such based upon one’s own (perhaps incorrect) perceptions of what appropriate behavior may be. And it is evil to “assume” and even worse to spread evil assumptions around with only a potential promise of “truth.”

Christ Himself was accused of immoral behavior, and as we see in recent popular books and films, is still being accused of it today.

For Catholics seriously seeking the truth, these types of accusations should be a relative “non-issue” in their own personal pursuit of holiness.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Irene Posada said...

It’s refreshing to know that there is a true Shepherd of the flock, ready to give his life for his sheep, indeed for all who are willing to know, love and serve God in the true sense of the word; without compromise; not hypocritically; but applying the Christian Doctrine in our daily lives consistently!

This Shepherd of the flock, because he has the courage, love and fortitude it takes to be a true leader, has always and will always be maligned and slandered as was Our Master, Jesus Christ. A servant is not greater than his Master! So be it! This is a mark of the True Church.

This is not at all about “Who has committed what sins?” Remember the words of Our Lord, “He who has not sinned, cast the first stone!” But it is about “Who is truly a Shepherd and who is a hireling of whom Our Lord warned us about?!”

I have known Bishop Francis for almost 35 years. His credentials are of the highest caliber. He has always taught nothing but 100% pure Christian Doctrine (not watered down.)

I wouldn’t trade him for the world – and would gladly give my life for him.

For Spanish readers Mis Queridos y Estimados hermanos y hermanas latinos:

In reference to the recent slander campaign vs. the most renowned and ever-faithful Shepherd of his flock, His Excellency Most Reverend Bishop Francis Konrad Maria – I would like to share a few words with con mi querida raza latina!

I have had the privilege of knowing him for almost 35 years. He has the highest credentials and has always taught nothing but pure, 100% Christianity, as have all our past true popes and apostles! (Not watered-down or “adapted” to our modern liberal era”) Our public schools no longer teach high values and morals to our children – no wonder the jails and mental hospitals are overcrowded and turning people out into the street to live! The number of suicides has never been so high! It is even encouraged in our society! Our Shepherd has dared to uphold Christian principles and teach OUR beloved Christian Faith as it has been handed down through the centuries – un-cut, un-altered! For this, he has been viciously slandered and persecuted! Blessed be God! So was Jesus Christ!

The servant is not greater than the Master. ¿Verdad? Our Lord also said “He who has not sinned, cast the first stone!” “Blessed are the merciful – they shall obtain mercy!” “Do not judge – lest you be judged!”

The media attacks everyone; as if they are sinless! ’Ye shall render an account for every idle word.” They don’t give facts. They publish propaganda! As I said earlier, I know this beloved Bishop personally! I would not trade him for the whole world! I would give my life for him! And I would not deceive my raza! Nacida en Chihuahua, Mexico – Irene Oralia Posada, para servirles!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous A loyal Catholic said...

A Loyal Catholic (Post 9):

Let’s look into the “evidence” portrayed as proof of Bishop Francis’ supposed evil–doing. After all, he was arrested, right? And he had drugs, guns, and a ton of cash, right? Truly this must be evidence of evil and criminality!! Away with Him!! Crucify Him!! This is exactly the type of “evidence” and mis-information which is still being used by those who hate the True Catholic faith and those who represent it.

Of course, in the aftermath of the “raid” against Bishop Francis in California there was no evidence of perversion of children or of perversion of any kind. Its funny that the police did not discover all of those pornographic magazines that were previously “discovered” by his enemies. Why? Because those at the Mount did not have the time or means to “plant” them. There was a large amount of cash. Was this great media fodder? Of course. Was it illegal? No. The Bishop had closed the various Church accounts to prevent those at the Mount from stealing them and as he was somewhat transient and subject to legal harassment, he did the prudent thing to safeguard what little assets he could. Let’s face it, we are not talking about “millions” of dollars here. There was a small amount of marijuana (someone had previously obtained it to see if it could be used medicinally and left it laying around) and a few old guns. Big Whopping Deal.

Now here is the clincher. The Bishop was not found guilty of any crime whatsoever and was released. In addition, the local county paid damages for the illegal “raid” that they undertook. Furthermore, in subsequent civil trials, it was shown that not only was Bishop Francis innocent of any charges of embezzlement, but that those who had “ousted” him were actually the ones who were guilty of stealing Church property! The Courts required that some of this property be returned to Bishop Francis! Of course, this information is not readily assimilated by those who have no interest or gain in doing so.

Hopefully, if one is seriously interested in the Catholic Faith, one begins to see a pattern. This is the real value of historical perspective. At the moment, charges are made, serious charges. People appear guilty, and Faith is shaken. Over time however, truth does come out. Truth and motives too. We’ll look into those next….

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Mrs. Releigh said...

There are people who are trying to rewrite history about Bishop Schuckardt and Father Fraser. I know this because I have known Bishop Schuckardt since 1968 and I knew Father Fraser since 1940.

My name is Kathleen Raleigh. I am 79 and was born and raised a Catholic. In 1968, Brother Francis was giving a lecture at Regis College, Denver, Colorado. I attended that lecture in company with Father Fraser, S.J. In his talk, Brother Francis was telling of what had happened to the Catholic Church since Vatican Council 2, when Father Fraser put up his hand and blurted out! “What about that man over there in Rome?” Brother Francis responded: “You stay after the lecture, I want to talk to you.” Afterwards Brother Francis, Father Fraser and my family went to a local restaurant. Brother Francis and Father Fraser had a private booth in the corner and spent the entire night talking. This was the beginning of a friendship that lasted until Father’s death.

Father Fraser had convinced my family that by the subtle change of just one word, from “many” to “all” in the Canon of the Mass, that the new Mass invalid. Father never said the “novus ordo missae.” He obtained permission to set up a chapel in Colorado Springs where he lived. We would drove 75 miles each Sunday to attend Mass at “Padre’s” Ave Maria Chapel. Father also came down every Tuesday to offer Mass in our home.

Padre made three trips to Idaho to give lectures and make available the traditional Sacraments for the Fatima Crusade, a lay organization founded by Brother Schuckardt. He would sometimes be introduced as the “Eight Wonder of the World” because so few priests were willing to stand up against the new errors of the establishment Church and suffer the consequences.

I knew and became good friends of Padre B. J. Fraser in 1940, when he was assigned to Sacred Heart Parish, Denver, Colorado. In the late 41’s he became a Catholic Chaplain in the Army, administering to the dying and injured soldiers in Africa and Italy. I kept in contact with him throughout those years. He didn’t accept the new changes of the heretical V2 Council. He lost friends, relatives and acquaintances for taking a firm stand against the heresy of Vatican Council 2, but he wouldn’t budge.

Just before he left for a trip to Omaha one Sunday morning, May 2nd 1971, he jokingly spoke of becoming a bishop. We all thought he was kidding and made light of it in a hurry to get back home and allow Father to start on his trip. He was killed in a freak automobile accident four days later. It was after Padre’s death that we learned from Brother Francis that they both were “flipping a coin” to see who was to become Bishop. They had been in touch with another conservative Bishop who was anxious to consecrate someone in order to preserve the Catholic Church. Mother Mary showed what side the coin turned up on when She took Fr. Fraser home. Brother Francis was left with no other choice than to conclude that the Blessed Virgin Mary wanted Him to become the Bishop.

Bishop Francis K. Maria Schuckardt’s sermons have always captured my heart, recalling to my mind the Faith I was taught in Catholic School as a youth. Through his explanations, I could see how during the years my Faith had been watered down with Liberalism and other modern errors. You couldn’t help but feel it was the Immaculate Heart of Mary that spoke through him. His love and dedication to his dear Mother Mary was proven by starting the Fatima Crusaders and in his tireless efforts in spreading the Fatima message and living this message in his own life.

When I realized I had made the wrong choice by staying with Chicoine after his 1984 revolution, I prayed to find Bishop Francis K. Maria once again, so as to abjure my errors and return to the True Catholic Church under his episcopacy. I am very grateful to be once again a member of the Mystical Body of Christ. Home again in the True Catholic Church, sinner that I am.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous A Loyal Catholic said...

A Loyal Catholic (Post 10):

Now, let’s look into the motives behind all of the charges railed against Bishop Francis. I think that we have shown that the charges are patently false, and are attempts to create an “illusion” of sorts. Now, who benefits from this illusion? In general, all who hate the Catholic Church. Certainly this would include the popular majority of people in this country and the media who both represent and sway them. So it is not difficult to attack the Catholic Faith. Success is almost assured. I am leaving out the supernatural forces of Hell who certainly have a keen interest here, that is, if you believe in Catholic Orthodoxy. Many who don’t believe in or understand Catholic Orthodoxy still acknowledge a vague “force” of evil in this world, which Catholics of course readily recognize.

In particular, several groups specifically benefit from defaming Bishop Francis. Amongst these must be included those active in the “Vatican II” church who see Bishop Francis as the antithesis of everything they have been trying to accomplish in the last 50 years. Even more so- the leaders of those who “ousted” Bishop Francis and who have established their own “conservative” “church”. If one stops to consider, it’s easy to see that the very basis and foundation of their “church” is that of rebellion against Bishop Francis. There is no other basis for the existence of their organization. They have basically “copped” as their own, much of Bishop Francis’ teachings. The difference however, is that they have rather conveniently left out the portions of Catholic Orthodoxy which may offend any of their flock or impact their funding.

Isn’t it supremely ironic that those who accuse Bishop Francis of “being mad with power and greed” are themselves basking in the success of their own little marketing scheme made possible by not only stealing the Bishop’s physical assets, but also his approach and teachings! How well the perspective of history reveals the motive force behind the hounding and pursuit of Bishop Francis by his traitorous enemies.

To be continued….

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Mrs. R. Gorbet said...

I met Brother Francis in 1968 at a lecture he was giving at a time when innovation was replacing tradition in the Catholic Church. Brother Francis was a Godsend. He spoke of sound Catholic principles that could be applied to my life which brought peace to my soul. Devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and the Rosary was the keynote of his lecture.
In the 38 years I have known Bishop Francis his message has never changed. He continues to preach that message and to give me the good example of living it.
It never ceases to amaze me that the media is so very wrong in the information they spew regarding Bishop Francis. I suggest to those that are interested, that they read what he promotes and judge for themselves. If the information you have received from the media is wrong it is quite likely that your conclusions and judgments are also wrong. The media is well known to spread sensationalism to sell their product; I do not believe they have ever received any awards for just telling the plain old truth.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Blaise said...

It's good to see this! I can only pray that there are those who will read this and hear the ring of truth in it! Praised be Jesus and Mary!

1:16 PM  
Anonymous A Loyal Catholic said...

A Loyal Catholic (Post 11):

Bishop Francis has also been accused of being a fraud, an egotistical fake, and an “evil cult” leader. Let me start out by positing the obvious: If Bishop Francis wished to be wealthy, honored, and a financial success in this world, he certainly has not chosen an appropriate path to reach these goals. Bishop Francis is a well-traveled, highly intelligent and educated man. He certainly should have been able to succeed in this world if he so chose. “Oh, indeed, (say his enemies) but Bishop Francis is so sick that he would be unable to function unless he could deceive and live off of the assets of others.” Ok, let’s accept this defamatory premise just for the moment. If in fact Bishop Francis wanted to do this, he would certainly have profited by “watering down” his teaching just a bit. He should have ordained others and offered his Episcopal services “for hire” as so many other pseudo-traditionalist supposed bishops have done. He could even have offered terms to the Vatican II church and avoided speaking the truth about what he calls “The Great Apostasy” of clergy and lay into the arms of modernistic changes condemned by all past infallible pontiffs. He had a large flock at Mt. St. Michael and it was growing. He didn’t have to castigate the flock. He could have praised them for their worldly success and ordained their sons and made the convent life more pleasant. These would be smart business decisions certainly. And were precisely accomplished by those who “got rid” of him and “took over”.

But, his enemies will say, “it’s not so much the numbers that count, it’s the absolute power that Bishop Francis desires to exercise over a smaller group.” If we accept such nonsense, then I presume that we can categorically exclude a desire for money or fame from Bishop Francis’ purported faults. A tiny flock of mostly poor folk is not the best base to launch oneself to fame or wealth from. Agreed? Then let’s address the issue of “power” or “absolute power” over others.

To be continued….

8:54 PM  
Anonymous A Loyal Catholic said...

A Loyal Catholic (Post 12):

Anyone who follows the life of Bishop Francis Konrad Maria will see that his life has been almost nothing other than a series of one heartbreak after another. If he were to desire some kind of absolute power over other human beings, why would he persist in teaching doctrine which almost everyone in America (used to pluralistic approaches to religion) would object to? “Oh, he wants his personal slaves, those few ignorant souls to give him worship and adoration.” That is a strange accusation. Bishop Francis in fact does just the opposite, by teaching Catholic doctrine he seeks to lead his followers to Jesus and Mary and not to himself. He lives on a sick-bed. He has little opportunity for personal contact as many of his flock are scattered throughout the world. When he preaches “holy slavery to Jesus to Mary” (a doctrine promulgated not by Bishop Francis, but by St. Louis De Montfort and encouraged by many Holy Fathers) he derives no additional income or recognition from the effort. He tries to lead souls to Mary, the Mother of God. Not to himself. Indeed, he is a total failure in that regard. During his life span, he has incurred only derision and contempt for his efforts. This is hardly the type of approach used by one who seeks glory and power and dominion.

So, if we categorically review the list of accusations lodged against Bishop Francis Konrad Maria of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – what do we see? We see falsehoods, villainy, and duplicity. Now, who is the father of such things?

The brave among us will address the facts:

Bishop Francis is a legitimately ordained and thoroughly orthodox Catholic Bishop. He may among the last still functioning in this capacity in the world today.

He teaches only what the Catholic Church has always taught, irrespective of the tenor of the age.

He does so at great personal peril and cost.

He has always professed a great personal love for Mary, the Heavenly Mother of God and Loving Queen of all mankind. He has always sought to spread this love to others.

Truth never changes, or it ceases to be true.

(If there is no truth, the very concept of truth-hood becomes disarrayed and then nothing matters. This is what people face today. Our Lord Jesus Christ, the very Son of God our Creator taught men the Truth and established a Church to continue to teach that same Truth until the end of time.) Bishop Francis teaches that same Truth which is so hidden and obscured today. It is covered over with a multitude of distractions, traps, and allurements for those who just might consider seriously thinking about it.

So why all the fuss and furor over such a sick and obscure Bishop and a small group of followers? There is no real rational explanation. But there is a supernatural one.

You see, just like Christ said, there really is a Truth after all!!

Sincerely and humbly,

A Loyal Catholic

11:00 AM  
Anonymous BJM said...

For nearly 40 years now Bishop Francis Schuckardt has been on message regarding the errors of the modern Catholic Church. He and he alone, of all the so-called traditionalists and sedevacantists, has never wavered from his original message. Never. The other traditionalists are always morphing into something new; embracing new theories, adopting new positions, contradicting their own earlier proclamations, ever adjusting their stance to meet their own personal needs and to satisfy the ever changing demands of those on whose largesse they depend. This is not Catholic. This is not a mark of the Catholic Church. This is not the mark of “oneness” by which we can recognized the True Church. This is rather the mark of a hireling.

In my 30 years of knowing Bishop Francis and the Tridentine Church he leads, I know of no one else, NO ONE, who teaches ALL the truths of Catholicism irrespective of political correctness and external pressures. He and he alone, as least within my sphere of knowledge, has done this.

God bless you Bishop, for being a true shepherd and not a hireling. Thank you for not ever compromising the deposit of faith entrusted to your care. Thank you for going through a living hell in order to faithfully discharge the heavy burden God has been pleased to place on your tired shoulders. You will receive your reward in due time and my gratitude for all eternity.

11:20 AM  
Blogger Gabriel said...

I am so happy to see the comments of many souls whose lives have been touched by a man I have known well.

As I was driving home this evening from a secular commitment, it again occurred to me that there are two kinds of people in this world -- those who are sincerely striving to live the Christian Gospel, and those who are not.

In my own limited experience, I have never encountered antagonism for this Bishop, except by those who seemed to me less interested in Christian holiness, than those who were genuinely concerned about eternal salvation.

Were that the only question, I think all criticism would cease.

May God bless and Mother Mary sustain all those who genuinely strive for holiness. When all is said and done, what else is going to matter? Certainly not the transparent diversions of those who choose not to walk as Christ has given us the example.

11:07 PM  
Anonymous Bishop + Mary Fidelis, cm said...

I’ve known His Excellency, Bishop Francis Konrad Maria for about 30 years now. I recall a certain “bishop” back east once asking him how he got so many people? What this poor man did not understand, was that Bishop Schuckardt has never played the “numbers game.” He taught to the best of his ability true Catholicism without compromise and without considering, in doing so, whether he would draw large numbers or not. At one time there were many hundreds, and now there is only a fraction of that amount. But what does that matter? As God revealed to St. Theresa, he is more pleased with one soul completely surrendering itself to Him than a thousand “good Catholics” who hold back.

It boils down to quality, not quantity. It boils down to teaching Catholicism in its fullness without weighing how well the masses will receive it or not.

I like to look at the small handful that stood at the foot of the Cross-as the Saviour of the World hung there dying for our salvation. Small in number they were, yes, but look at the quality! Our Blessed Mother was there, and at her side the “disciple Jesus loved,” and there was St. Mary Magdalene and the other holy women. Who would exchange that small group of Catholics for any number?

That is what His Excellency has taught without change or compromise for 40 years now. That is what the Tridentine Latin Rite Catholic Church is all about – holiness of life. Those who do not wish to follow the teaching of the Catholic Church are free to go; those who wish to follow it, not superficially, but from their hearts and their will, are welcome to come and join the small group that is trying to faithful stand at the foot of the Cross, in the sweet company of Mary. May God grant me the grace to be numbered among those blessed few.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Sr. Maria Dolorosa, CMRI said...

I wish to publicly thank Almighty God and His most Holy Mother Mary for having granted me the grace and blessing of having been led to the true traditional Catholic Faith, in its entirety without compromise, by the Most Reverend Bishop Francis Konrad Maria Schuckardt. I also thank His Excellency for the true pastoral zeal and unwavering fidelity to the doctrines, liturgy and traditions of Holy Mother Church which He has always exercised, even in the face of overwhelming opposition and vicious persecution. Indeed, I owe His Excellency a debt of gratitude that is impossible for me to fully pay, because His self-sacrificing apostolic zeal has been the means by which the precious grace of the Faith has been given me, as well as the channels of grace necessary to obtain eternal salvation. I pray that those who dare to malign this faithful Servant of God will be given the grace to see the evil of their ways and will convert before it is too late!
Thank you Your Excellency, and may Our Lady sustain you always!
Sister Maria Dolorosa, CMRI

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Mary McCullough said...

As a traditional Catholic who has known Bishop Francis Schuckardt for over 30 years, I am incensed that there are those out there who so easily slander a Bishop with absolutely no concern for truth, fairness or the consequences of words. All he has ever done is preach the traditional Catholic Faith as it used to be taught when I was a child in Parochial school. Whatever motivates these people to such extremes really causes me to wonder at their apparent hatred for a man who has shown nothing but dedication to the teachings of Christ as laid down over the centuries by our past Popes. If the people who instigate this kind of malicious propaganda do not like this doctrine, I would suggest that they find church to their liking and leave our Bishop, priests and parishioners, who do appreciate it, alone.
Mary McCullough

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Sister Christina Marie Chestnut, CMRI said...

It breaks my heart to see someone I have known and been close to for nineteen years, so lied about and maligned. I have known him to be the most kind-hearted and generous man I have ever seen. The memories I have of him when I was young are unforgettable. I do not cease to marvel at the concern he has always shown to his flock, and each individual in particular. He always made life enjoyable for the children; arranging events and celebrations for them to take part in and no one was ever left out. In my own personal life, the love and care of he Priestly heart for the salvation of my soul, the times he gave me another chance and showed me the way back to God, are things for which I will never in my life cease to be grateful.

How often he showed the same concern for my family as well. When my mother (Cheri Chestnut) and my five siblings were experiencing hard times, he was always there to help us get through it all and supported us by his encouraging words. So many times I heard my mother say that she thanked God for such a true Bishop and Shepherd, without which she would never have made it, and that she could never thank him enough.

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am seeking the truth. Where do I go?

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish to express my regards for the death of your Bishop. I only hope that his legacy will be propagated for the inspiration and salvation of souls. Having heard him speak and move people, I know that his influence and charisma has done so much good to those who need to hear the Truth.

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sending heartfelt sympathies to your group. Today, for the first time in a long time I put my scapular back on and hope to God I die with it on me.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the Bishop and leader of another Traditional Catholic Community in the United States, I offer all of you my unconditional prayers, both for Bishop Francis (whom I often wished to meet in person) having only heard the sanitized CMRI version of the events surrounding his ouster, and for your community undergoing the loss of your spiritual Father.

I wish to demonstrate great solidarity with all of you in your painful loss. The Bishop was a great example of carrying his cross to the grave as the last photographs displayed demonstrate. MAY HE REST IN PEACE !!!

Oremus pro invicem !! Laudetur Jesus Christus !!!

9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bishop Francis Konrad Maria was my family’s pastor from the time I was three years old. I am twenty-five now and for as long as I have known Him He has always given encouragement and direction to myself, as well as to the other young persons of our community.
A very touching incident occurred on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of His Episcopacy. His congregation presented Him with a jeweled pectoral cross, as a token of gratitude for all that He had done for us. When He received it, He was so touched by the sacrificial generosity of His parishioners that tears came to His eyes. He was pained by the costliness of the gift. Then He said, in a rather choked voice, “If any of you are ever in need please let Us know and We will gladly sell this cross to raise the funds that are needed to assist you.”
Although His health was always very poor, He would take time, every time He could assist at our services, to greet each Church member. He always had a very personal touch. He was always concerned when a member of one of our families was ill or distressed, and, most of all, He listened.
It was when receiving personal counsel from Him that I came to know Him best. I always found Him to be compassionate and encouraging, with a gift for bringing the best out of every person.
History and the media will undoubtedly publish what they think they know about Him, but anyone who really wants to know what sort of person He was should listen to those who knew Him. I have known Him well and I feel that I am a better person for it.

12:48 PM  
Blogger said...

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2:10 PM  
Anonymous Jean Frierson said...

I, too, mourn the loss of Bishop Francis Schuckardt. However, I have a very personal reason for doing so. He was my brother. I always knew him to be funloving and reliable. He was ALWAYS there for me. I didn't see him often as we live so far apart and we were and am in very poor health. However, I loved him so very much. Since his passing I have come to find out how wonderful a Bishop he was to his flock. And, after reading these comments I have to come to a new realization of how truly wonderful he was both spiritually and physically. I am proud to say that both my husband and I have received the Holy Sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion. We are both very grateful to Fr. Alphonse for officiating at this sacraments. I am also very thankful to Bishop Fidelis for his precious time in personally visiting me after my brother's death and bringing me a most beloved picture of him.

My husband and I are both also wearing the brown scapular and hope we are granted the grace to continue doing so.

I wish I could have been there for my brother's funeral. I have seen pictures of some of it thanks to Bishop Fidelis. But it also would have given me the opportunity to see my dear mother whom I have not seen for many years.

I hope that my brother may finally rest in peace and I am thankful that he is no longer suffering so severely. I also hope that he will meet up with our father, Frank G. Schuckardt, in heaven. They have been separated for so long.


Jean (Schuckardt) Frierson

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A dear friend of mine recently died, and in reminiscing about his life I remembered an open letter that he wrote to the members of the Tridentine Latin Rite Catholic Church which I would like to share here:

“My Dear Friends in Christ,

I am resigned to the fact that I am moving to Colorado. It is with great sadness that I must bid you adieu, due to circumstances beyond my control. The Northwest branch of the Springer clan is moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Date of departure in January 11, 2002. I am leaving in body only; my spirit will always remain here. I will never forget the day I met the beautiful ladies in blue and the warm greeting I received from the great gentlemen and boys in black cassocks, as well as the inspirational sermons on tape by the Most Reverend Bishop Francis Konrad Maria Schuckardt. I appreciate the help in reviewing the catechism by the wonderful priest and nuns. May God bless them. Of course, I’ll never forget the priest and Brothers who gave so much of their time preparing me to again become a Catholic.

I feel as though I am breaking a sacred trust. I must close. God bless all of you. Praised be Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


Charles P. Springer"

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Christopher Angel said...

Bishop Francis was very instrumental in me becoming a traditional Catholic back in the mid to late 1980's. He mailed me my first missal that i used at that time. I still have a prayer card that has the simple words,
"Pray for Me" and his signature on it. Im sure he had his faults as we all do but if it werent for him, I probably would still be a Prodestant.

Rest in Peace!
from Christopher Angel

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been away from this community for quite some time. My reasons for leaving were personal. I feel obligated by love and respect to post the following.

I knew this man well. As far away as I traveled; as involved in education and secular activities as I became, I never ceased to love and respect this dear man, my beloved bishop. He taught me to love God. He opened the doors of my soul with his words, allowing me a glimpse of the Eternal love that is Christ.

I miss him terribly.

For those of you who choose to speak evil of a minister of God, I have one remark: "Let them alone. They are blind."

God gave this man to us. We crucified him and gave him back to God.

My Dearest Bishop, please pray for me now that you are in our Father's Kingdom.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Truth will triumph said...

I am so happy to find this blog. We have been attending a CMRI parish for eight years and somethings have been dreadfully wrong. We have not attended the parish since a recent incident happened, which I will describe in my next posting. Truth will triumph

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i knew Bishop Francis years ago,before Mt.Saint Michael's.He was a wonderful Catholic Bishop.i thank God that i was fortunate to have met him and be under his spiritual d

7:45 AM  

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